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Chicken Pakora Recipe in Urdu by Aysha and Hammad

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Chicken Pakora:

Chicken pakora recipe in urdu is a very tasty recipe specially in Ramadan and in winter rain. Chicken pakora recipe in urdu is very healthy recipe and easy to make. please follow these steps to make chicken pakora recipe.
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Chicken Pakora Recipe:

Chicken Pakora recipe in Engilsh:

Ingredients for chicken pakora recipe:

Chicken                          1/2 kg                                      Curd                                  1/2 kg
Ginger                            3 pieces                                   Cumin Powder                  1 ts
Water                             2 cup                                        Green pepper                    As you wish
Cooking Oil                   For fry                                      Flour                                 As you wish
Tomato                          225 g                                         Vinegar                            1/2 ts
Egg                                3/-                                             Salt                                    As you wish
Black pepper                  As you wish                             Onion                                1
Double Roti + Corn Flour    2 ts

Method of chicken pakora recipe:

Take chicken pieces and grill with fork. crush ginger, green pepper, onion and cumin. Mix chicken pieces and cook for 10 minutes. Put tomato in boiling water and after 2 minutes take juice in a cup. Mix tomato juice, vinegar, curd, salt and black pepper. Now take chicken piece and mix with this mixture and leave this for 6 hours for marinate. With fork take chicken pieces and perfuse double roti chura and leave this for half an hour. After that make a paste of this and dip one piece of chicken in it and fry it on slow fire. Chicken pakora is ready to serve.

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